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The Howard, KS race on June 10th is now an Elite Mud boggers sanctioned race.  There will be MAMR Points awarded.  No atv's allowed during this race, this is dictated by insurance and without it we can not have a mud run.



The Porter, OK race on June 3rd is currently on, but final decision will be held on Weds. May 31st.C.




Dates are final as of 4-6-2017, Times subject to change.

Mother Nature dictates everything else.


5-6-2017   Iola,KS   Gates 12 p.m. Race 4p.m.

4-states race/rules (will apply to points)


6-3-2017 Porter,OK 6 p.m.

6-10-2017  Howard,Ks   12p.m.

6-17-2017  Peru,KS   12p.m.

7-15-2017  Porter,OK   6p.m.

7-29-2017 Tulsa,OK 12p.m.

8-26-2017  Howard,KS   12p.m.

9-9-2017 Alva,OK  12p.m.

9-16-2017  Porter,OK   6p.m.

9-30-2017  Peru,KS   12 p.m.

Awards to follow



We have tried hard not to schedule on top of other organizations, please go support them and invite them to come play with US.

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